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ePurchase: electronic payment and immediate delivery

Internet payment and delivery is most convenient with newer browsers like Explorer 5.5+ or Safari 1.0. Many others will work although some not as smoothly. For more specific browser compatability, see see bottom of this page.

Pay and Download

Click a button below, fill in your payment information (credit card or PayPal), then the selected file will begin downloading immediately onto your computer.

Dr. Pascal for Windows and DOS: includes download, license, and credit for 3 unlocking codes ($45).
Programming Tools for Windows, DOS and Macintosh ($8).
Pascal-S for Windows, DOS and Macintosh ($8).
Pascal-S for Macintosh only ($8).
MacPix for classic Macintosh (also runs in OSX-Classic) ($1).
pcpix for Windows and DOS ($1).
TEST ONLY. Do not click, no download (2¢).

Unlocking code and License

Dr. Pascal runs much larger programs when you have paid to license it and get the "unlocking code". Before getting an unlocking code, run Dr. Pascal on your computer and copy down the "Computer ID" (on the "System info" screen). If you do not yet have Dr. Pascal, use the button above to pay for download and unlocking code credits, or get only the shareware version now and pay for unlocking codes later. If you bought Dr. Pascal by mail or via the button above, you may already have credits for unlocking codes; try the third button below.

One computer license: Each unlocking code works on just one computer. Our normal license provides three unlocking codes--use one or two now, and keep a credit in case of change of computer, ROM, etc. Or, the "one-shot" button provides only a single unlock code--risky because if you replace your computer, motherboard, or update ROM, you'll need to buy another unlocking code.

Have your 10-letter Computer ID ready before clicking one of these three buttons:

Buy normal license--unlock Dr. Pascal for up to 3 computers ($45).
Buy a one-shot, cheap but risky license--unlock for just one computer and ROM ($29).
Unlock Dr. Pascal using a prior credit (must use your email address from your prior purchase).

Mail ordering and other payment

You may order many of our products by mail, and you must order those not listed above by mail. Also, use mail to pay by money order, check, or purchase order. Credit card payments are only by the web site, so to pay by credit card but order by mail, use the "other payments" button below.

order form Click for the order form, print it out, and mail or email us.
Other payments: fill in amount, no automatic delivery. To use, make prior contact with Visible Software, type in a "message to seller" from PayPal page, send mail order and/or send email to Visible Software.

Browsers recommended

To work smoothly, the above ePurchase functions require more of browsers than the rest of our site. They work best with Internet Explorer 5.5+, Safari, iCab 3.0+ and similar newer browsers. Other browsers typically work, but via sending an email saying how to download the product or get the unlocking code. (Technically, to pay and deliver smoothly in one step requires forms, SSL, reporting referer, and W3C standards including HTML 4 and CSS 1.) FireFox and Mozilla can fail for lack reporting of the referer, although they now typically work here. If you have an an older browser, we recommend that you try ePurchase, and if it works you should get a confirming email. If you try and it doesn't work at all, use another browser or the mail order form above.

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