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Programmers report on Dr. Pascal

Laurie Tunniclife, Melbourne, Australia: "I am an electronics engineer who has been using Pascal professionally and privately for 15 years. I have been recently converting a 6000 line program to Extended Pascal and was having trouble with a part of the code. ... I had spent quite a few hours on the problem with traditional debugging techniques which produced a confusing variety of runtime errors ... Luckily I had a copy of Dr. Pascal which had an "Extended Pascal switch" and could run the section of code that was crashing. It took all of 30 second to find the problems. One was my error, the other a compiler bug. Being able to see the variables displayed as I stepped execution of the code enabled me to locate the errors and fix them in record time. It's great to have a tool that supports Standard Pascal and Extended Pascal... From now on, I'll probably run new code on Dr. Pascal first and confirm it's working before adding it to a project."

Paul Olson (writing in Journal of Pascal, Ada & Modula-2): "The editors are a joy to work with when programming in Pascal ... but the run-time features really make this product stand apart from its competitors... The programming environment as a simple interface while giving the programmer powerful functions."

Tom Miller, AT&T Bell Labs, Homedale, NJ (from our correspondence archive): "I like the visible mode a lot. You can watch the values as they change and the bolding shows where the source is executing. I'm pretty experienced in c and Pascal, but I've never had that capability available before. Right now I'm helping a staff member who's learning Pascal, and it's perfect for that. For myself, I don't need the visible mode for these little course programs--it become useful for me in more complex numeric programs. The visible mode shows all the values in the computation as it progresses, so you don't have to pour over the source code to very that it's working correctly."

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