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Source Code Sets

These Source Code Sets can be used to inspect how professionals write moderately large programs and the Pascal can be modified to learn, experiment, or adapt to one's own needs. The combined file set is copyrighted and thus cannot legally be posted or redistributed, but the Pascal files by themselves are in the Public domain (see Terms and Licensing below). Each set consists of source program(s) in Pascal, documentation on using and recompiling, and executables, combined in a single file set (.zip or .sit). Executables are provided for DOS, Windows, and/or Macintosh; some source programs are also set up to compile on UNIX.

Programming tools for Pascal programming, including Compare for file comparison, Version to maintain several versions of a single program, Crossref to cross reference identifiers in programs, and Analyze and Augment for execution timing and analysis. All are supplied together on a single Source Code Set.

Pascal-S is a compiler for a subset of Pascal, with source code. This is an excellent example of how a language compiler is put together. Includes documentation by Niklaus Wirth.

Unzipping for Macintosh We supply Source Code Sets in a form that can be read by Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows, and UNIX. If you are familiar with downloading, file types, and unzipping this should work in all environments. The above two Source Code Sets add Macintosh-specific features in an extra file called "Macintsh.sit". For Macintosh users wishing guidance to unzip, use files from other environments, and set up for programming on the Macintosh, either read the text file Mac-Zip.txt, or download to your computer the stuffed file Mac-Zip.sit (the .sit files require Aladan's StuffIt software, see Mac-Zip.txt).

Terms and Licensing Copyright: Source Code Sets, including the source code, documentation and binaries, are copyrighted and licensed for use only by the number of people paid for. You may copy the entire source code set for others only if you pay the fee for each of them. (For example, if you and two others in your organization will use the source code set, give "3" as the number to pay for; a single copy will be downloaded for you to use and make two copies of.) The exception to this copyright is the Pascal source code alone. The Pascal source is in the public domain, meaning that you can redistribute it, use it in programs you write, give it away or even sell programs that use this source code (a few programs are restricted to non-profit use as noted in their source code). In short, Source Code sets cannot legally be posted, given or sold to other people, but the Pascal files within them, by temeselves, can be.  As is: Visible Software welcomes bug reports, but these programs are sold "as is" and without any warranty as to performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. Visible Software cannot provide support, telephone help, printed documentation, bug fixes or updates to our Source Code Sets.

Why charge for source code? Our Source Code Sets provide documentation, ability to compile and use on multiple environments, and some quality control. We insure that the code is consistent with Standard Pascal (Classic or Extended) and when extensions are required, they are modularized and documented. It actually takes us a substantial time to acquire, modify, document, package, and test across environments. That's what we're charging for. If you don't think you should pay for source code, see our Pascal Info page--We provide links to sites that provide Pascal source code for free, some with documentation some without.

Our Source Code Sets can be compiled with one or more of: Dr. Pascal's Extended Pascal Compiler, Dr. Pascal interpreter, THINK Pascal, UNIX pc and pi, GNU Pascal, and/or CodeWarrior Pascal.

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or, get more information on Programming Tools or Pascal-S

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