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Programming Tools: Source Code Set

This set contains programs that are useful for developing and maintaining Pascal programs. All are provided both as source code (.PAS) and as MS-DOS/Windows and Macintosh executable. Thus, they can be run as-is or, by using the specified compilers, they can be modified for learning or to suit specific needs or preferences. Most of these programs are written in Standard Pascal, so changes to use them with other compilers should be minimal. Documentation is provided for each program. The three programming tools are:

CROSSREF: Generates an identifier cross-reference listing. All identifiers are listed in alphabetical order, with line numbers giving each place used. Multiple files can be crossreferenced simultaneously, and several command line options are available.

VERSION: A preprocessor for Pascal programs, to maintain multiple versions in a single source code listing. To use it with a Pascal program, the programmer inserts special comments around code used in only one version of the program. When Version is run, it makes each section of version specific code either compilable code or makes it a comment. The Pascal programs processed by Version work with any Pascal compiler--no special compiler capabilities are needed (we use it on PC, VAX, Macintosh, and UNIX systems). Version's comments are somewhat like DEFINE in C programs.

COMPARE: Compare two text files and report differences. Useful for keeping track of modifications to programs or other ASCII text files.

Note: see Terms and Licensing on Source Code page.

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